Factory trolleys

Factory trolleys

Our factory trolleys have been designed to solve the problems of storage and transport of materials from one workplace to another.

They are custom built based on the real needs of our clients.
Dimensions and every detail can be customized. In our factory the trolleys that are built are suitable for transporting components of any sector.

From small items to larger pieces, the orientation of shelving and compartments too can be chosen at the design stage.

Warehouse shuttles

Our warehouse shuttles are specifically designed for the handling of trolleys for components and small items along the production lines.

The special shape allows the lateral insertion and extraction of the carriages which are held inside the frame by means of special retainers and safety hooks.

The drawbar and the adopted towing devices allow the movement of one or more trolleys at the same time, using suitable means of transport.
Shuttles can be configured with double drawbar to allow towing from both sides.